Governing Board Functions Alicante

Dª Marifé Esteso Rubio

Vice President
Trinidad Marqués Linares

D. Aranzazu Gómez Dayas

D. José Luis Báguena Rodríguez

Vocal 1º
Philippe J. G. Blache

Vocal 2º
Francisco J. Pérez-Ojeda Chuecos

Alternate 1º
Zoila Sanz Cantos

Alternate 2º
Bartolomé Bas Llopis

Alternate 3º
Cristóbal Ros Samper

Governing Board Functions

The Governing Board of the Professional Association of real estate agents of Alicante whose fundamental function is to assume, promote and fulfill all the functions attributed to the Association , except those whose jurisdiction lies with the General Board; as well as executing the agreements of this . In this way and without any restriction are the jurisdiction of the Governing Board.


- Accept the admission of the collegiate members by the established laws at the actual Statutes.

-Represent the Association in the different Administrations , public or private entities, as in any kind of acts or contracts made.

- Employ through direct hire or through services provided to the staff and professionals at the Association´s service.

- Create collaboration agreements with any kind of Administration, public or private entities, in accordance to the collegiate purposes.

- Organize, lead and inspect the Association´s development and approve the necessary internal regulations for the correct function of the services provided for the appropriate implementation of the Statutes.

- Propose to the Governing Board the amount of the collegiate income, of the finances, the economic revenue, and decide the accrual and the method of payment of the collegiate fees and any other economic obligation of the collegiate members, adopting the necessary actions for the completion of those obligations.

- Elaborate the annual budget and implement it, quantifying each payment or income in accordance with each applicable accounting regulation.

- Designate who will represent the Association in the Autonomic Council of the Profession and in any other professional or administrative organization.

- Open or close bank accounts under the Association´s name, to provide or apply funds, hold or withdraw securities, provide endorsements and increment it in favor of the Association and perform as many financial , commercial or civil transaction as necessary.

- Defend the Association and the profession interests in a trial, granting authority for lawsuits in favor or lawyers and solicitors.

- Exercise the sanctioning power to the Association members.

- Vacate queries and prepare reports or rulings, at the request of interested third parties, of the Public administration, Judicial authority or own initiative.

- Ensure the training and professional development of the collegiate members.

- Ensure the enforcement of the legal and ethic dispositions at the professional interactions of the members, more specifically for the respect of the consumers and users rights, as well as the applicable regulation for any kind of social housing , supporting with the Public Administration in the correct execution of the housing policy set by public authorities.

- Collaborate with the Public administration when requested, and propose as many suggestions of general interest in housing and urban planning, or the particular interest for the personal development of the collegiate members. -Approve its own operating instructions and the ones of the Association´s services.

- Agree the cancellation of a collegiate member for non-payment or any other reason contemplated in the regulations.

- As many other functions to be made by the Association not corresponding to the Governing Board.